I have worked in data driven marketing management/analyst roles for 15+ years, identifying actionable insights for marketing, sales, product and operations. In these roles I have built out analytical processes using SQL, data visualizations and dashboards as well as Excel.


In my most recent role at YP I was the subject matter expert on all data related matters for our display advertising campaigns. This product grew from $3 million in annual revenue when I started to $35 million in five years.


At YP I setup the complete data analytics process from scratch to ingest, daily, millions of rows of campaign performance data for 3,000+ active display campaigns.


I built out the analytics process to identify actionable opportunities for adjusting campaign settings to improve campaign pacing, CTR and CPM metrics. I managed the process of optimizing the campaign settings and communicated overall performance results to stakeholders in Operations, Product, Sales and Finance.


I am dedicated and passionate about using SQL and BI tools like Tableau and SSRS to find hidden opportunities for reducing costs, increasing revenue and accelerating the decision-making process for all business stakeholders. I utilize Python where SQL, Tableau and SSRS fall short in capabilities.


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